Sunday Drive By

Just a quick post before running out to get something for dinner.

Here are some orange slippers I crocheted. I’m still testing my mary jane pattern, and have come to the conclusion that if we all had the same sized feet, I wouldn’t have these problems! *sigh*

Orange slippers

I was so excited to see my new business cards from Moo arrived. Then I turned them around, and saw my logo was missing from the top of the card. 😦 I was soooo disappointed! Anywho, I realized I’d made a few errors with the business description and had forgotten to add a few things. I’ll be rewriting that! I also don’t like how all the photos came out. So, will get them redone. I’m still optimistic though. 🙂

New business cards - botched and acceptable.

Here’s what I’m working on today. I don’t really like green, but this really came out pretty. I guess not all green is bad. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll start a pair of slippers for myself later on, and also get some work done on my freeform blanket. Poor thing has been neglected lately. 😦

Green slippers

Bye for now!


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