Addi Crochet Hooks Review

I got one of these hooks to see what the hype was all about. A size H(5mm), my fave hook size. 🙂

I actually wish I hadn’t purchased it now. After using it I found it was a really nice hook, but it kept on getting caught up in the yarn. It was snagging or something! Then I realized the problem was there is no flat grip area/part or whatever it’s called. The hook kept on turning in my fingers and I had to constantly twist it the right way around so I could smoothly work with the yarn and that’s why it was snagging. If I held the hook really tight, then I was able to stop it from turning in my hand. But that’s not really comfy though is it?!

So, I’ll try it a few more times just to make sure, but I may have to give this thing away. Back to my prym hooks and my Japanese double ended hooks. 🙂 I need the finger grip area! 😉

Now I’m off to find the perfect crochet hook case. I really like the namaste buddy notions cases, but the only place that’ll ship to the UK wants to charge $25 for shipping!! Uhhhh, no. There is no way in the world that little case costs that much to ship to me!! There has to be another way! *sob*

Addi Crochet Hooks at Dream Weaver Yarns LLC


6 thoughts on “Addi Crochet Hooks Review

  1. I had that problem with a hook once. It drove me crazy. I thought about buying that polymer clay to make a flat spot but gave up and got rid of the hook. I hook should be easier to use not harder. As for the case, look for a buddy in the US or where ever to ship it to then they can ship it to you and it would still probably be cheaper. Good Luck!


  2. I agree, if it takes too much effort to use you can’t get things done the way you want.I found a way to get the case! I used a friend in Bermuda’s address, and she’ll send it to me when it gets there. It only costed $7.00 shipping as opposed to $25! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the super nice comment on the lavender baby set. And I have to agree with you on those crochet hooks – I need a grip thingy, too. I’m much slower without the grip.


  4. Yeah, I found I was really moving at a snails pace with the hook.You serious loopy!? Oh man! Well I guess I’ll still be able to find some use for it. *sigh*We have the same size feet, now same fave hook size?! What’s going on here!? lol


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