I’ve been inspired!

I recently met a lovely lady named Nicki over at
http://nickicarm.blogspot.com. After sharing her Easter basket crocheting, I was inspired to get something basket-like done.

I have a large amount of glass jars sitting around waiting to be used, so I decided to cover them with some yarn. No idea what I’ll do with them now, but atleast it’s an item crossed off my to-do list. Maybe I’ll add a handle to some of them and call them baskets. 🙂

My eldest son has a sweet tooth and recently discovered “Gu” desserts in the form of cheesecake. They come in cute little glass bowls that I just had to keep!

Yummm!!! I have 12 of the jars..bowls..whatever you wanna call them. That’s a lot of dessert! I told him he’s gonna look like a cheesecake! He said then people will love him even more!
Can’t argue with that. Lol

I did help to eat a few of them though. No really it was only a couple. Don’t you judge me!! 😉

Anyway, here’s a few I decided to dress up. The larger one used to contain yogurt.
See, we eat healthy sometimes. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’ve been inspired!

  1. Oh my Goodness, I am SO touched… but you forgot to mention that you initiated the inspirational trail with your fab cap pattern, Zu!! I love, love the jar covers and totally see them with marshmallow rabbits and jelly beans. Thank you so much! It's a pleasure to have met you.


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