So much change!

So much has happened in the past few months, it’s amazing I haven’t passed out from exhaustion!

My boys and I have moved twice. Once to a temporary house about an hour away from everything we know, and then finally to our permanent home which is right next to everything we know. Yes! No more hour long bus rides into the city, thank God for that!

So our new home is brand new, just been built and never been lived in. It’s two stories, has 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms and a front patio area and a back garden. There’s also a communal area and playground being built
for the new properties here. So thankful we finally have a garden! Don’t know what I’m gonna plant, but I’m reading up on gardening now. Has to be some gorgeous flowers and some sort of food. Onions, Peppers… Something.

I’ve also started college and am taking up art and design. My intended course was art and design in textiles, but it was full. So I was recommended to do this course. I was nervous because I can’t draw very well, but since I do want to learn so my designing process is more refined and effective, I went for it. Totally out of my comfort zone, and loving every minute of it!

So have been in our new home for a week and last night I finally unpacked the last of the bags and boxes. Woohoo! I still need to organise some stuff, but it will happen slowly. Need another bookshelf and somewhere to store my fabric. Gonna check pinterest for ideas. We also need to put carpet in, but will do it slowly, no rush.

I also managed to fix a curtain length issue. I had totally misjudged the height of the back doors and my curtains were way too short. So I decided to lengthen them using the extra curtains. Voila! Instant fix and they look even better! They’re just pinned on at the moment, will sew and hem them properly when I get a chance. Now I feel we have some privacy!

On the crafting front I haven’t had time to do much at all, other than pinning the curtains. When my new sewing machine arrives I’ll be able to sew here and there. Crocheting though requires a bit more time, so will be hard to fit into my schedule. I have so many ideas for things to design, but they’ll have to wait. The good thing is that I’m always creating in class, so atleast I have a crafting outlet.

At the moment we’re doing Upcycling Discarded Technology and I’m having a blast! I’ve made a necklace from an old aerial cord and a crocheted flower from coloured wire that I found inside a cable. I also have two essays I’m working on, so I’m being kept pretty busy. I’m actually enjoying the essay writing, never knew I appreciated art like this!

This year has really been a life changing year and I’m so thankful for all that’s happened. I have a clear idea of where I’m going and feel secure in the knowledge that I’ll get there.
My boys are doing well with work, college and primary school and I’m thankful for that as well. Can’t complain.

Have a fantastic week and God bless!!


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