My Final Major Project is now complete!

This is the very last project I needed to complete for my course. Now all I need to do is make sure I’ve completed everything asked of me in my sketchbook and portfolio which goes towards my final grade, and hand it in on Monday morning.

The title of my project is “A Bermudian in Scotland” and features a Scottish landscape scene with Bermudiana flowers embroidered in the foreground. I’ve never done anything like this before and am pretty proud of myself. I of course can’t help but be critical and pick out all my mistakes or keep thinking of what else I could do to make them better, but I’m still pleased.
My favorite is the second one I stitched with the cherry blossom tree. I’m learning as I go and can see a big difference in technique between the two even though I started the 2nd one the same day I finished the 1st.

My work, along with the other art and design students work is now hanging in the classrooms/temporary gallery to be exhibited starting in June. I’m a bit nervous knowing other people I don’t know will be scrutinising my embroidery, but I’ll have to get over it. ☺

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