I forgot to share my backpack makeover!
I think I did this in early september. I walk a lot so I find having a backpack makes things easy on my back and shoulders as I also carry a lot. Its hard to find a stylish backpack and this red one was the closest I could find.

Then I had a light bulb moment! I can sew, so why don’t I change my boring backpack into a backpack with personality!?

I had purchased this fabric a day before my light bulb moment and realised it was perfect for this project. I took the back flap off, and using it as a template I stitched up a new flap.

I also figured that since I’d already taken it apart, I might as well add cross body and shoulder bag capabilities to it as well.

I used the handle at the top to create two loops, I took the straps off and stitched them together using the fabric at the join and created a new handle in the process. I stitched the two loops back on in different locations, I threaded the strap through them and placed the handle at the top center. The handle also stops the straps from shifting while wearing it as a backpack and keeps both sides even.

So now I can also pull the strap straight upwards and sling the backpack over one shoulder, or I can lengthen the strap using the extra holes I bored out and place the bag across my body.

I was so happy my idea worked that I squealed and jumped for joy! Then I composed myself, smiled and went to bed because it was 4 in the morning and I had class at 9. Hehe At least I had a new bag to take with me!! 😊


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