So much to blog about now that the holidays are over. For now I’ll just share my latest obsession because I need to sort out my millions of photos.

Filofaxes!! To get myself organised I just need to physically write things down, pure and simple.
I’ve used every list, note and task app on my phone and tablet imaginable, and as soon as I add what’s needed it gets forgotten about and lost. It just doesn’t work for me.
I’ve always been a notebook, pen and pretty much any sort of stationary freak, so it’s been a lot of fun to organize and customize my planners.

The large one is an a5 red domino which is for work and other subjects which require lots of info or writing, and will stay at home. The smaller personal size springboard filofax is my every day portable one that’ll help to keep me organised. I’m a kinesthetic learner and apparently this is the perfect way to keep me on track!! If only I’d known this sooner. Lol

I’m tracking and organising my schedule, business, design notes, college, projects, household chores, crafting, notes, tasks, recipes, gratitude journal, contacts and whatever else comes up. I’ll probably need another A5 for when my recipe section gets too big. In fact I can see a reason for another personal one as well. 😁😁

Even though I’ve spent way too much time setting them up to make them as pretty to look at and use as possible, I’ve still managed to get everything done that I need to. So I’m pleased with that.
Even Paws (the kitten) is happy with my organisation! 😉

I’ll be back with more crafty stuff soon because I scheduled it into my filofax. Hehe 😊😊


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