I haven’t been feeling well these last few days, so have only been doing things that require a short amount of “making” time. In other words, I made another notebook cover! Lol
Midori Travelers Notebooks have just consumed my life I swear. 😕

I bought some orange scrap leather on eBay so I could see what all the fuss was about in regards to having an “authentic” Midori. Well, as close to authentic as I could get without the hefty price tag.

Leather and I are just not friends. First off it was way too floppy, so I had to use lots of interfacing and some faux leather to add stiffness to it. After cutting and ironing and clipping it all together I was ready for stitching.
For whatever reason my machine just couldn’t seem to handle it. There were soooo many skipped stitches that I didn’t even see til I got to the end! This resulted in my going around the whole thing again and again, and attempting a different stitch pattern that might hopefully work, and having row upon row of weird uneven and over lapping stitches.

Come to find out after all my stress, the blasted needle was old and the cause of my problems. I had tried about a million times to stitch on the pen loop with no success. I gave up, but couldn’t get it out of my head. Something told me to try again and change my machine needle.
It stitched perfectly the very first time once I changed it. SIGH
I thought back to the many, many failed attempts, perforated leather and wasted time, and almost screamed. Then I decided to be happy instead since it had finally worked, and to use this as a learning experience.

Apparently I can sew with leather, I just needed a new sewing machine needle! 😊

I used thicker elastic cord this time which I really like. I also threaded the elastic differently, or in other words, the right way, and like this much better. Less stress and pulling on the spine of the cover.

Next time I need to find a slightly larger piece of leather so I can make deeper pockets, but this isn’t too bad.
I made the pen loop pretty big so it could hold 2 pens. I’m just sad it has so many holes in it from my many attempts to get it on there and that its a bit floppy. Next time I’ll stitch it on differently so the stitch line won’t be so noticeable.

I also added 2 bookmarks by just tying some thin cord through one of the holes at the top. I wasn’t sure I’d need one, so I made two instead. Hehe Just in case. 😉

I’m supposed to be making one of these faux-doris for a cousin of mine but wanted to make sure I got all the kinks out of my process first so I can be proud of what I produce for her. I think this totally justifies making…..however many I’ve made so far. Completely lost count. Lol

So I think I have the size and process down properly. Next time I’m hoping to have eyelet tools to use for making the holes, or at least a leather punch as using an awl looks a bit messy.

3-4 mm thick leather or fabric layers will work best in my opinion because who wants a floppy notebook cover?!
I am still hoping to come up with a way to make the elastic on the inside neater as I don’t like having the 3 knotted ends inside, but it’s just an aesthetic issue. They don’t get in the way at all and the Midori people get away with it perfectly fine.

Also I’m not sure how I feel about using leather, but I do feel that since this cows skin has been made into leather that it shouldn’t be wasted. Any scraps and bits that had to be thrown away made me feel so guilty though!
I feel a bit better knowing that this cover will last for a very long time and will be used, appreciated and loved.

Not sure if my next purchase will be faux or real leather, I’ll have to research more on what’s available. If I choose the real thing, I will continue to be extremely careful not to waste any.

Looks like there are a lot more of these fauxdoris in my future! Maybe I should call them a Zudori. Everyone else that’s making their own seem to be renaming them. Hehe


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