I’m still trying to find the best way to make a travelers notebook. I’m using faux leather because it’s so readily available as I have several old tote bags I can cut up to use.
Unfortunately its awful to stitch with, it stretches and tears very easily.

So this time around I fused the two salvaged tote bag pieces together using a spray adhesive. The bond seems pretty strong but there are a few spots where it looks like it’s coming away a bit. I’m sure a little crazy glue will fix that. I’m considering top stitching around the whole cover to secure the edge, but I’m worried it will give me grief as usual and come out looking messy.

The pen loop isn’t faring very well at all and after only one day it’s tearing at the stitch line. I may have to get a clip or stick-on pen loop. I have a clip which holds one pen, and they actually sell the same with 2 and 3 loops for pens in the same clip. Genius!

I added inner pockets to this one as well but won’t show them as it’s not very straight. The faux leather didn’t stretch as much as last time, but it still annoys me to look at it. šŸ˜•

I’ve heard good things about using heat ‘n bond for leather and fabric covers, but such a process would probably burn or melt the faux leather even with a protective barrier. (ask me how I know that) I’m going to order some anyway for when I stitch a fabric cover.

I used eyelets for the holes to thread the elastic through and love how neat it looks on the outside. The inside however is far from neat and I can’t seem to figure out how to prevent the jagged edges from happening.

I feel I’m a step closer to my perfect fauxdori/travelers notebook/“Zudori”; but I still have a lot of testing ahead of me. Which I’ll enjoy thoroughly. šŸ˜‰


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