Learning how to weave

I gave a loom/weaving kit to a young girl for Christmas and realized I can’t teach something I don’t know!! So I got a picture frame and push pins and made my own loom. I used some string for my warp threads and am using my scrap yarn and lace for the weft threads. I may stick some fabric in there as well. This is easy and fun! Wish I had figured this out sooner. 😊😊

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DIY Golves From Socks

If you are starting to get ready for the winter time then here is a decent craft idea called DIY Golves From Socks to get started with. Its one of those glove’s that not only provide you the warmth of a sock but also give you some flexibility because they are finger-less socks. Plus to top it all off this craft is super easy to do as well. Give it a shot!

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Now that is cool!