Learning how to weave

I gave a loom/weaving kit to a young girl for Christmas and realized I can’t teach something I don’t know!! So I got a picture frame and push pins and made my own loom. I used some string for my warp threads and am using my scrap yarn and lace for the weft threads. I may stick some fabric in there as well. This is easy and fun! Wish I had figured this out sooner. 😊😊

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Happy treat myself week!! Beautiful TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen in white that’s clipped there on my TN, 3 huge balls of gorgeous chunky #yarn, a pkg of #Docrafts Artiste Dual End Brush Markers, a circular hole punch, a purple Pilot G-Tec-C Maica Pen, a Pilot Choose in silver and pink and a Cath Kidston case I found for £1.99 in a charity shop. Not my style of case as I don’t really do polka dots, but for this price I can ignore them. Lol
So far I’ve only tried the TWSBI which is now my new fave pen. Not sure what to try next!! ☺😀

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I started knitting a hat yesterday on my fancy new knitting needles. I wasn’t that excited about the colour choice, but it was all that really grabbed my attention.
Until today!

While out pricing carpet for our house I passed by a brand new yarn shop. I told myself I didn’t have money for yarn right now and just kept going. Obviously I noticed my error pretty quickly and was inside the shop in a matter of seconds. Hehe
It’s a small one, but they have a great selection of EVERYTHING I want!

I bought two skeins of this beautiful ice yarn and will be back soon for more.

Having recently declared myself a knitter, I’m embarking on my next project. The first cowl was a bit short for me and makes me feel claustrophobic when doubled, so I gave it away and am making a longer one for myself. I didn’t really want to make anything white, but it’s all they had in the shop. I’ll see how it goes. I can always put it up for sale or give it as a gift and make myself another one when I buy more yarn.

Oh yeah, I bought myself an “I’m a knitter” gift today.. Hehe Boodles textile yarn, some circular knitting needles, sewing needle case and needle/stitch markers. These interchangeable circular knitting needles are a work of pure genius.. Seriously. Genius.

I’ve cast on what I hope is enough to make me a longer cowl, wish me luck!

I’m a knitter now!! I’m so happy to add it to my list! I started this cowl on Wednesday and it was completed on Thursday evening. For a slow knitter I’m really doing well I think. I used size 10mm circular needles and used some grey textile yarn which I love. It doesn’t make my neck itch like normal yarn does. Several years ago this would have taken me all week or more, so I’m glad I decided to try again. I just have to remember not to knit like I’m crocheting and I’m good!
I used this cowl to practise my knit and purl stitches and when I start my next cowl I’ll try to make it into more of a pattern. Think I’ll look up ideas on ravelry. Perfect for inspiration!